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A Sagittarius born December 8 is symbolized by the Archer, is headstrong, and has an imperious nature. Learn about December 8 birthday astrology.

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Read More. Transform Your Life with the best Tarot app Tarot Life is your go-to destination for answers to your daily life challenges in love, career and finance.

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Tarot Card Reading Let tarot card readings guide your soul in the right direction to manifest success and abundance. Free Love Tarot Reading Resolve your love problems and explore the future of your relationship. Free Career and Finance Tarot Reading Interpret your professional success and overcome financial difficulties. Astrology Plan and accomplish all your future endeavours with astrological reports and predictions.

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Birth Chart report Get detailed roadmap of your life based on planetary positions. Love Compatibility report Get a comprehensive analysis of your relationship with your partner. Timeline report Get personalized month-wise predictions and astrological advice. Numerology Unravel your inner powers and goals with detailed numerological analysis.

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Life Path Number Provides an extensive blueprint of the opportunities and challenges in life. Destiny Number Reveals your inner goals and ultimate purpose of life. Maturity Number Signifies your inner desires and goals. Personality Number Explains different aspects of your personality and your attitude towards life.

Brady provides techniques for predictive astrology that cover transits, cycles, planetary arcs, returns, and eclipses. This book goes beyond the technical components of astrology to offer up a spiritual self-help guide.

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Saturn transits and cycles are often marked by periods of stress and uncertainty. This book explores the natal chart in relation to childhood and familial dynamics. The Secret Language of Relationships allows you to match your date of birth with another to discover the weaknesses and strengths of that particular relationship. With 1, combinations of personalities, you can gain a better understanding of every relationship, be it romantic or platonic, in your life. Two of our experts recommended this book for those looking to understand the relationship between sex and astrology.

Praise Venus! Diana Brownstone recommends this text by historian and philosopher Richard Tarnas.

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The book explores the relationship between astrological configurations and historical events, making it an interesting read for history buffs and astrology enthusiasts alike. Chris Brennan, author and host of The Astrology Podcast , breaks down the history, practice, and philosophy of ancient astrology and outlines how the foundational concepts have impacted astrology as we know it today.

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The Strategist is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape. Astrology is accurate in predicting you the best days and even hours to execute your important business meetings, health appointment, proposal meetings etc. Astrology predictions are available in possibly all areas whether it is education, health, career, marriage, etc.

This careful execution of tasks as per recommended hours results in better, positive and promising results. So you can mark your calendars with dates of auspicious occasions and sleep peacefully. Astrology provides you a better tomorrow by guiding you in making a right choice for a better.