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A Sagittarius born December 8 is symbolized by the Archer, is headstrong, and has an imperious nature. Learn about December 8 birthday astrology.

He does not put his own "I" onto others' opinion.

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But if you meet Hazel closer, you will undoubtly yield to his charm, and you'll know his original mind. Hazel is satisfied with a little, he adapts to any possible life conditions and understands everything. His exterior makes almost magical impression. If he wants he can make you like him.

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He can be kind, wise, patient, but also he can be dangerous, angry, harmful. Everything in him is a magic - is it white or black, it depends on his actual mood or caprice. Fully kind or keenly angry - it's a Hazel, and not without a reason people born under this sign were oftenly accused of witchcraft in the Middle Ages. Liking somebody, he'll do anything to make that person's life easier. But be careful if you have no his liking. Notwithstanding his modesty and restraint, he never comes unattended.

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He's very original, not like others, he treats life differently. He's able to guess the most secret thoughts, to make unexpected proposals. He's quite unbalanced, may be very initiative, but also may leave everything alone and flow with a stream.

1. Birch Tree (December 24 - January 20)

Hermes' magic rod may have been made from hazel. Hazel woods frequently figure in the sacred landscape. Tara, the chief seat of the kingship in Ireland was built near a hazel wood, and the great monastery of Clonord was established in what must once have been a sacred pagan place known as The Wood of the White Hazel: Ross-FinnchuilI.

In Scotland, a hazel grove was calltuin, modern Scots Gaelic calltainn and various places called Calton are associated with entrances to the Otherworld, one being the famous Calton Hill between Leith and Edinburgh, which was probably still being used for magical gatherings in the 17th century.

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There is even a legend that St. Joseph of Arimathea built the original abbey of Glastonbury from hurdles of hazel branches. The hazel's connection with the Well of Wisdom is visibly recalled by the tree's frequent presence at holy wells throughout Britain and Ireland, where pilgrims still continue to festoon its branches with votive offerings in the form of pieces of cloth.

Moreover archaeologists have found an early Celtic shaft-well in Norfolk, England which contains offerings of alms, placed in layers and embedded in hazel leaves and nuts. In legend and folklore, the hazel, along with the apple and hawthorn, is a tree often found at the border between the worlds where magical things may happen.

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In the Scots ballad, Hind Etin, the title is the name of a spirit who guards the hazels of a sacred tree. The May Margret goes to the wood for nuts, and unwisely gathers his nuts:. As might be expected from their legendary reputation for bestowing prophetic powers, hazels have been used for divination throughout the centuries. Druidic wands were made from the wood, and it has always been the preferred wood for water divining and dowsing.

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The way they burnt steadily together or flying apart, foretold the course of their relationship in the coming year. This custom is an example of the connection between hazeIs and love, which is very ancient. An old Fenian story tells how Maer, the wife of one Bersa of Berramain, fell in love with Finn and tried to seduce him with hazel-nuts from the Well of Segais bound with love charms.

Country folklore has always linked the nuts with fertility.

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An old saying proclaims that a girl who goes nutting on Sunday will meet the Devil and have a baby before she can wed. This recalls the ballad of Hind Etin, in which May Margret goes on to become the tree-guardian's wife and eventually has seven children by him. In 19th century Devon, an old woman traditionally greeted a new bride with a gift of hazels for fertility in the same wary that rice or confetti is used today.

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Hazel was also used widely throughout the centuries for protection against evil.