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A Sagittarius born December 8 is symbolized by the Archer, is headstrong, and has an imperious nature. Learn about December 8 birthday astrology.

You will not waste your resource on something unfruitful, and such an attitude will make your journey smoother and faster. By the end of the day, you will surprise everyone around with your spectacular performance. You will need broad shoulders to deal with the added responsibilities which will be heaped on your plate today. And while the work will be draining, the satisfaction of a job well done will more than ease your stress. A pleasant surprise probably awaits you back home, later in the evening, says Ganesha. Jai Madaan tells us how to deal and what to do if you feel stuck in a relationship.

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Watch the video to know more. Follow us on :. We're always wondering what our day has in store for us. Fret no more. Your daily astrological prediction will definitely ensure you sail through this day with ease and joy. What to do if you feel stuck in a relationship? How to deal with teenage tantrums? Alarming rise in suicides, Let's talk, help save lives The Urban Debate. Who was Al-Qaeda leader Asim Umar? Delhi: Man jumps before metro in an apparent suicide bid. Sedition case against 49 celebrities dropped;. Horoscope Today October 8, Horoscope Today October 9, Gemini horoscope, October 8.

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Absolute freedom

Capricorn 31 March - 12 October. Aquarius 31 March - 12 October. Pisces 31 March - 12 October. Astrology Read More. Vastu Read More. One person goes for art, another for science. Some go for philosophy, others for religion. The one likes silence, the other is fond of action. We all have different tastes and likings. We all have different natures.

Where do all these differences come from? The nature of one person predisposes one for a certain profession, the nature of the other predisposes this one for a completely different profession. All of us act more or less on the basis of our free choice. But our free choice definitely seems to be based on the structure of our personality, our nature.

Is it not our nature that inclines us to do certain things, and avoid other things? There is an saying in Dutch: The character and the fate of a person relate to each other like the key to the lock.

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Obviously, free will is somehow based upon our nature. Let us examine our own experience a bit closer. In the ordinary waking state, we feel somehow that we are pretty free, but not completely.

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On the other hand, we intuitively feel that something is predetermined for us, in other words, we feel that, to some extent, we are destined to have certain experiences in life, but we are not able to determine exactly what. It is only natural, that sooner or later we ask ourselves the question: How far does the freedom go? What exactly is its nature? And similarly: how far does the predestination go? What is its nature? In the normal waking state, we shall not able to sort out the answers to these metaphysical questions. Throughout the ages, philosophers and wise men have tried to define the range of our freedom and the nature of predestination.

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But because perception in the waking state of consciousness is very much limited, hardly anyone has hit the mark. Let us take up some of the generally expressed viewpoints in this matter. Dog on a Line Some say our situation in life is like that of a dog, who is taken out by its master, and is attached to a leash. The dog is allowed to frolic around somewhat, ease its nature, and - if it is lucky in life - its master is lenient enough to take notice of its wishes, and allows the dog to lead him on somewhat.

Especially recently, the freedom of dogs is rather great, since the invention of leashes that can be extended up to 10 meters or so. Like this, we human beings are free to some extent, but simultaneously bound to some extent. Fish in a river Others compare our situation with a fish in the river. The river is flowing downstream, and carries the fish automatically to a certain destination.

Some fish can even exert will to work themselves upstream. Game of cards Others are fond of saying that life can be likened to a game of cards. Destiny allots a set of cards to each of us, containing some good, some medium, and some bad cards. Then it is up to each of us to use our Creative Intelligence to make something out of that hand of cards. Either we focus ourselves on winning, and use all the alertness that is in our command, or we do not exert ourselves very much and leave many opportunities unused.

Dark labyrinth Others say that our situation on earth is like that of many persons trying to find their way in a dark labyrinth.

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The structure of the labyrinth is so complex that hardly anyone finds the way out and is finally liberated. The majority grope in darkness, not possessed of a comprehensive map of the place, and are destined to die before finding the way out. Airport Some say that the free will of today is the determinism of tomorrow. This viewpoint is illustrated in the following analogy: At an airport, we are faced with hundreds of options of where to go. But once we have bought a ticket for Chicago, and entered the plane, we are bound to end up in Chicago.

We must be ready to accept the consequences of this free choice. Experiences in the waking state of consciousness When we take a close look at these different analogies, however, we will find that they do not provide the ultimate answer regarding the nature of free will, nor do they define the ultimate nature of predestination. It is clear that these analogies relate to the experiences that we have in the waking state of consciousness, and it is for this reason that they do not tell the whole story.

They leave many things unexplained.

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For instance, regarding the analogy of the dog, we can ask, why did the master at a certain point in time buy such a modern extending line by which the freedom of the dog was increased? Regarding the fish analogy, we can ask ourselves why it is that one fish is so headstrong that he swims upstream while another takes it easy and lets himself be carried on by the river.

Regarding the game of cards, we can ask the relevant question: 'What did I do to deserve such a lucky set of cards? If you say it is coincidence, then what happened to that universal village knowledge: 'as you sow so shall you reap'? Is it suddenly not applicable anymore? Regarding the labyrinth we could ask: 'Why is the world experienced as a labyrinth? The Science of Creative Intelligence explains that knowledge is structured in consciousness, and that knowledge is different in different states of consciousness.

The reason for the existence of so many different philosophies is the fact that we each experience life from our own individual viewpoint. The waking state of consciousness covers an infinite range of experiences, but they all have one thing in common: They do not touch the ultimate truth of life. The waking state of consciousness is like a house with a few windows here and there.

Dwelling in the house, we are not able to see the entire range of our environment. When something passes in front of our window, we can see it clearly, but we are not aware of where it came from, nor are we able to determine where it goes to. This tempts us to believe that we are living in a world full of coincidences.

Moreover, this restricted perception of the waking state poses an open invitation for us to indulge in speculation. Cosmic consciousness, mentioned earlier, is like a house made of glass. To the farthest horizon, we can see certain events coming up and taking shape, before they pass by and merge once again with the horizon.

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This makes for good scientists, and for good artists as well. From this platform of unbounded awareness , now we are able to distinguish both subtle causes as well as the subtle mechanics that structure our life. Furthermore, in this state of cosmic consciousness, we gain clear insight into the nature of ourselves - we are possessed of self-knowledge.

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We experience the absolute, unbounded and eternal nature of our Self; we have discovered our true identity. From this unbounded and, therefore, unbiased viewpoint, we are capable now to appreciate that all actions of persons, including ourselves, are based upon their own very nature. In the Bhagavad Gita , Lord Krishna says to Arjuna : 'Sadrisham cheshtate svasyah prakriter gyanavanapi prakritim yanti bhutani' 'Creatures follow their own nature. Even the enlightened man acts according to his own nature' Bh. This expression is based upon a deep appreciation of the unique nature of every single individual.

It is clear that the free will that we as individuals exercise is determined by our very nature. Herein lies an answer to the question why certain fishes swim upstream, while others are happy to be carried on by the river.