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The start of the month will be one of constant fluctuation for you, as you find your path through the world and also, simultaneously, through your self. There is going to be a lot of deep moments for you, even while everything around you feels more superficial and materialistic. You will not be too lost by all of this changeability, as you are a Water sign, and water fills up whatever shape it's given and can easily be placed into a different shape with little to no spill.

You have some difficulty articulating this to others, as it's hard for you to see this side of yourself as you're living it, but otherwise, you will have little trouble. This will shift in Scorpio season, as you delve deeper into who you are and find a darker side of yourself that you probably haven't seen in a long time.

You will be more inclined toward a romantic vision of the world, but it will be the sort that harkens to a Victorian-era view of the world; where darkness and light combine and you feel that your sadness is actually helping you be happy. This would be an excellent time to discuss your inner feelings with other Water signs, as anyone else might look at you funny when you say things like this.

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Overall, October will find you feeling your own path is very clear to you, and that it will be easier to declare to other people what you want and need. Even as the less communicative Scorpio season occurs, you will be able to take care of yourself with a power you rarely channel, but always have. There will be some ups and downs this month, but nothing you can't handle. Monthly October Horoscope for Zodiac sign Pisces. October Horoscope October monthly Horoscope for 12 Zodiac signs. Comments: October Horoscope Pisces.

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Two words: creative destruction. This phase of your life is making you aware of the clutter you have been lugging around, and the negative beliefs that no longer fit in the new narrative. Let the truth help you journey back to yourself.

You are in the process of becoming the boldest, most empowered version of yourself. Virgo , you are that rare and precious soul who brings the qualities of love, kindness, and compassion into the workspace. But how much is too much and where does one draw the line? Don't let your emotions keep you from making wise decisions and living your boss babe potential.


You have been given the throne for a reason. Some of you may be in the mood to slip out for a mid afternoon delight. Spoiler alert: so is boo. It's all good in the hood as long as the CCTV camera doesn't capture you. In the realm of work, you are experiencing a renewed sense of passion. Continue to move swiftly in the right direction. Your willpower is opening new doors for you. A new day begins every 24 hours, a new year every days. The sun rises and we call it day. When it sets it becomes night.

Ergo, everything on this planet follows a set cycle. Look closer and you will realise your body follows a set cycle too. The reason you are feeling stuck is because something is interrupting the natural rhythm of your body. Let go of the idea of how things are supposed to be and allow them to flow.

It is the only way to move through life rhythmically. All suffering is self-created. Open yourself to what life has to offer and allow yourself to be transformed. Some of you may be at odds with a loved one. Have you made an effort to hear their side of the story? Something to think about before you play the blame game, Sagittarius.

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Rock bottom. Also known as the solid foundation on which you are now building your life. If something is being taken away from you at the moment, trust that it is for your greater good. In the days to come, focus on healing and letting go of past patterns. The further you move away from your situation, the more perspective you will gain.

Stop giving yourself grief over the so-called damage. Instead, turn your attention towards self-improvement. What have your circumstances taught you? How can you evolve into a better person? One step at a time, Aquarius. Trust that you are on the right track. Have you found comfort in your rage and despair? Keep in mind that all suffering is self-created. Once again, the Universe is urging you to be more proactive, to take a take a leap of faith, and to allow yourself to be transferred.

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