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A Sagittarius born December 8 is symbolized by the Archer, is headstrong, and has an imperious nature. Learn about December 8 birthday astrology.

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As so rightly affirmed by Reiki Grandmaster Dishaa, a young and dynamic lady, an M. A turned natural healing expert from Chandigarh India for whom life has always been a 'Love for the Moment' which is beautiful yet compassionate She combines hypnotism and astrology to help unblock repressed aspects of the personality, as well as working on the links between your birth chart, karma and pre-birth experiences. She specialises in combining both astrology and hypnotism Will you be ready when opportunity knocks?

One of the most common questions asked of professional astrologers concerns vocation: What career should I pursue? Why am I not happy in my present job? Why do I feel like I am missing out in life?

All of these questions are addressed in the Career Report provided by the Astrologer. This report describes your vocational aptitudes from the astrological perspective so that they can be matched in the career marketplace. While the jobs themselves are ever-changing, personality is a solid base to work from. Self-understanding can supply the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual clues to your best line of work.

Then you can determine how to apply your strongest capabilities to the career field you find most attractive. The best career is one that allows you to use your natural talents and skills. Astrologers use a number of considerations to determine the energies that are strongest and most beneficial in your chart, identifying the types of activities that will be most likely to lead to career success.